week 5 webdesign homework

May 22, 2009

1. How do you find this website?(in 3 words)

simple but awesome.

2.Who do you think this website created for?

for online shoppers who wants to know more about this fashion, as in where their  outlets are located,  discounts principle. and also what promotions. also for members of this fashion to know that their member card has which new promotions

3.What are the good attributes of the site?

the colors are kept simple are not really fanciful so that its easy for people to read and understand. the points are clearly lay out and clearly stated. the links are organized in a simple format so that people know where to click and not get confused.

4.What are the bad attributes of the site?

might be a bit too simple and not really able to attract people to view their web. they could have shown some of their new products to customers and to update them with the newest promotion and clothes available.


webdesign answers for week 3

May 8, 2009

i have chosen http://www.aceedu.com.sg as my reference to answer the questions



2nd week anwers for web design

May 1, 2009

1.What is browser-safe color palettes/web-safe colors?

It is a color palette that Mosaic, Netscape, and Internet explorer uses within their browsers , but is slightly different it the color that appear on Macs in Pcs. it has 216 out of 256 colors because the 40 colors vary differently on Macs and Pcs so the 216 colors can be  use for cross platform. browser safe color palettes is used for flat-color illustrations, logos with flat-color, and areas in any image that have a lot of a single color.

2.is it still relevant in today’s context?why?

Yes . it is because there will still be color conflicts on different platform use and websites. the color you used for this website does not mean it will appear as the same color on the other websites and different platforms.

3.what are the common font face found on PC and Mac?

some common fonts found on mac and pcs are :Arial, arial black, comic sans Ms, courier new,Georgia,Lucida Console,Times New Roman,Verdana,MS Sans Serif4,MS Serif4.

4.What is page loading time and how it influence your design?

page loading time is the time for the web to load all the objects included on the page and total loading time is time required to load all the pages including the objects. it takes time to retrieve the information for your objects if your objects file size is very big. how it influence my design. i will try to minimize the size of the objects as to let the user not having to wait so long for the web to load.

5. thoughts about web design process after reading article.

from the article, i have realise that different varieties of industries all have different focuses on their web designs. they all have their own processes in desgining the website. some industries, their process in designing are as follows, 1st. they analyze what the users need and what they want. then they come up with concepts. then they start designing and coming up with many ideas , next they start to develope the concept of the websites, how it should work. next they develope and execute the websits and finally launch. some idustries before they would do research on how other websites work and see which ones are the popular ones among users and how they could add elements into their concepts so it would be interesting. then they start to thumbnial and sketch the designs before they really move on to finalize and then start to design the web. industries also consults clients and fully understand what they really want and know how they web should work before they even start thumbnailing.

From this article,  i have realise how it could help me in webdesign process and know more about how companies create websites , the processes and how they focus on different elements like example, some focus more on what the client want. they gi the exact things the client want. and some they focus on web execution and the design to attract more users.

answers to questions for webdesign

April 26, 2009

here are my answers.

1. Name as many browsers as you can.

internet explorer, mozilla firefox, safari, netscape, google chrome, maxthon

2.what are browser wars

browser wars are competition between many different web companies for eg. firefox and internet explorer. fighting for dominance over each other , each wanting many clients to use rely and use their web browsers instead of other browsers.

3.what is an ip address.

Ip address stand for internet protocol and is made up of unique numbers. these numbers are used to identify users that are connected to the internet are from which countries. and these numbers are usually assigned to country-based blocks

4.what is an URL.

URL means uniform resource locator. its the world wide web address of a certain website , it has only 1 Ip address and it is the exact address of the website unlike domain name, it contains many Ip address. for eg. http://sports.yahoo.com/nba;_ylt=AgS4fb7dzoRxd3NLvRWHgWE5nYcB             , http://sports.yahoo.com is the domain name.

5.what is a good website.

good websites should provide credible, as original as possible information in many forms. they should be updated regularly and provide users valuable . timely information. it must be interactive with the users, making it easy to be understood how the web works and should be fun and interesting to how it works and the website should be easily readable by users in another words,well organised.

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April 24, 2009

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